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Fixing a Smartphone

Phone Repair

Here at Phone Lab. We can repair any electronic that you bring to us including battery repair, screen replacement, charger port replacement, mic repair, and more!  We can make your phone look and feel like it did when you purchased it! 

Tablet Repair

 We can repair your tablet same day, just give us a call to receive a quote! We repair all models of tablets. Tablet have became an essential in work and home activities, so let us know how we can restore the life of your tablet. We also sell many tablets and offer financing for our devices, too. 

Holding Tablet Computer
Playing a Shooting Game
Playing Game

Computer Repair

If you have a laptop or desktop that needs to be repaired, look no further! We do SSD upgrades, GPU upgrades, and we even custom build computers for people that are enthusiasts like ourselves! Having issues with your computer and you cannot determine what is wrong? Bring your device in for low price diagnostic!

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